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March 8, 2013

My chef cookbook to provision EBS PIOPS volumes at Amazon EC2

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Heres my Chef cookbook to provision PIOPS EBS Volumes at Amazon EC2 (PIOPS volumes can be requested with a specific IOPs count which is guaranteed to be provided, something plain vanilla EBS volumes dont/cant do).

This cookbook is intended to be a drop-in replacement for Opscodes standard AWS cookbook (except that the namespace used for the node attributes is different, so a little manual work/scripting would be required). Support for Elastic volumes and Load balancers coming shortly…

This cookbook uses the Fog gem so is more easily extendable (or extensible?) to add more AWS resources as needed… Fog v1.6.0 or higher will be auto-installed when this cookbook is invoked.

See Onepower_AWS  for details.

Things to note -

1. Not all AWS Availability zones support PIOPS volumes, see bin/test_piops_support.rb for figuring out which AZs support PIOPS volumes.

2. PIOPS volumes tend to cost more than plain vanilla EBS volumes – And for a real performance gain, PIOPS volumes must be used with instances launched with the ebs-optimized flag as thats what sets up instance specific QoS at AWS to sort of segregate dedicated I/O bandwidth for the instance to access a PIOPS volume (separate from the standard network interface bandwidth that normal EBS uses/shares).

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